CheerLEADING™ and women in leadership

I’m just going to put this out there – some women in leadership are not doing this very well. They should be CheerLEADING™ other women but, instead, they act in ways that discourages the women in positions lower than themselves. In other words, sometimes, we can be our own worst enemies.

I think that some women are so used to competing in a ‘man’s world’, that they naturally compete against other women coming through the ranks and can actually make other women’s career paths quite difficult. I hear of women in leadership roles being a ‘hard marker’ when it comes to working with other women in their teams.

Women in leadership should be making life easier for other women. CheerLEADING™ is all about positive psychology, encouraging, praising and guiding the people who work in our teams. Taking the time to really lead with integrity and compassion. I think women should be showing men how to do this well. Communicating encouragement and praise should come easily. We do this naturally in our everyday lives.

I’m not saying there are not some fantastic women doing this well, as there are, I’m just saying that maybe we should be working towards doing this better. Women in business need to stick together. It’s a tough enough place for women, well, in some workplaces and in some industries. Often all we need is just one other person looking out for us. Blazing the path and making the path easier, rather than making it more difficult.

I would love to see some comments on this. Am I the only one who has experienced this?


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