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Sometimes it’s unclear if modern marketing and sales practices have a place in your professional services business. Professional services businesses are highly relationship-driven. Trust-based business relationships are vital to the delivery of your expertise and services. In today’s increasingly digital world, marketing and business development strategy needs to be a combination of traditional and new marketing techniques, tools and systems.

Why Now?

In the current highly disrupted business environment, the client relationship has changed. Clients have different expectations. Sophisticated clients expect professionals to be more responsive to them and have a better understanding of the commercial pressures they face.

Why Jacqui?

Jacqui Walford is a strategic marketing and business development coach specialising in branding, marketing, and business development strategy, for professional services businesses. 

Strategic Marketing & BD

Help to develop your Marketing & BD Strategy, including strategy development and planning, and help with implementation.

Digital Business Development

LinkedIn Sales Navigator strategy and training. Target your ideal clients and referrers and don't wait for them to come to you.

Visible Expertise

Brand Strategy, including rebrand, brand development and personal branding for leaders, demonstrating specialist expertise.

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