“I had the pleasure of working with Jacqui during the rebrand and name change of two firms to Moore Stephens Qld & Northern NSW. Jacqui was a fantastic help during this time of change. She created effective communication plans and strategies for the company which we have implemented. I enjoyed working with her on many projects during the significant time of change for the firm. Most importantly, Jacqui was a wonderful mentor to me. She is still teaching me so much about the world of professional services and more about the marketing industry. Her knowledge and expertise have assisted me greatly in my role.”

Chloe Du Bois, Marketing Coordinator, Moore Stephens Qld & Northern NSW

Selling relationships

Jacqui Walford is a strategic marketing and business development coach and mentor, specialising in business development, branding and marketing for relationship-driven businesses. She helps relationship-driven businesses to engage and connect with target audiences and grow their business by building more strategic business relationships.

A relationship-driven business is typically a ‘Business-to-Business’ (or ‘B2B’) business that relies on building trusted relationships. Highly trust-based business relationships are vital to the delivery of the business’s services or products. Professional services, such as accounting, legal, or engineering, are highly relationship-driven. Other B2B businesses, including property development and SaaS, are also relationship-driven. The higher the financial or reputational risk, the higher the reliance on a trusted relationship.

In a relationship-driven business, your marketing activities should support your relationship building and relationship selling.

Marketing can help increase your brand awareness and recognition (what you are known for) and can help create potential opportunities, by creating the optimal environment for your potential buyer to engage with you and your brand (online and offline). Marketing should assist your business development by helping to build prospect lists of your ideal clients, through relevant content, and educating those prospects on your areas of expertise. A business development plan, in a relationship-driven business, should be a practical plan to develop new trusted relationships, deliberately and strategically, not relying on traditional, opportunistic relationship building.

Jacqui Walford can help you develop a strategic plan to engage, connect and grow your relationship-driven business.