If you’re looking to advance your career as a marketer in a relationship-driven business, such as an accounting, legal or other B2B business, or perhaps you’re new to professional services or B2B marketing, Jacqui Walford can help.

Alternatively, if you are an owner of a relation-driven business, and you would like your marketer to learn some new, highly specialised skills, Jacqui Walford provides mentoring to marketers in relationship-driven businesses.

Subject areas:

  • Developing strategic marketing plans and developing and managing a marketing budget.
  • Branding and positioning, including working with leaders and developing thought leadership profiling and content.
  • Coordinating public relations and the media.
  • Competitor and client research.
  • Developing marketing material, advertising, written, video and audio content.
  • Identifying sponsorship opportunities, negotiating and implementing sponsorship agreements with relevant industry associations and events.
  • Event management.
  • Digital marketing, including social media, website development and website content, inbound marketing, including SEO and SEM.
  • Desktop publishing, including producing marketing material using the Adobe Creative Suite, developing and following corporate style guides and using templates.
  • Internal branding and communication.
  • Recruitment and employer marketing.

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