Being the best you

It’s not revolutionary, but something I am coming to understand more and more is that people make the best decisions when they feel the best about themselves. When they feel they are the being the best they can be. When they feel they are being true to themselves and truly enjoying what they are doing.

As a leader, you first need to master this mindset yourself, in order to encourage this state of mind in your team. The first step to mastering this is to confirm your passion. Confirm for yourself that what you are doing is following your passion. People do this in different ways. I have found that mindfulness meditation, as well as reflecting on what I love to do, and how I am living my life, is helping me to affirm for myself what I feel best doing.

Once you have mastered this mindset yourself, the best way to help employees do it (at work) is to continually remind them how their work is helping others or has validity and a place in the successful running of the organisation. Regardless of what industry you are in, every job has a purpose. It might be harder to articulate that purpose for some positions and in some industries, but it’s important that you help your employees articulate it for themselves.

The other important ingredient to this is for employees to set goals for their day to day work and for their longer term career. People need to feel they are following a path that is leading them towards being the best they can be. This has to be part of your performance management process. Employees need to know what is expected of them, where they are headed and how that contributes to the overall purpose of the organisation.

Be the best you and help your team to be the best they can be.


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