It’s all about enabling

For me, driving behaviours through internal communication and internal branding is all about enabling. An enabled staff member has the skills, tools and mindset to deliver the best possible service to clients.

Providing staff with an internal social platform helps to enable them through connectivity. It helps to enable them to communicate better, collaborate with each other, and deliver innovative solutions to clients.

The internal communication platform also helps them to see beyond their day-to-day workflow and make the connection between their work and the contribution it makes to the client’s life. When they see others posting on an internal “wall” (like in a social platform – such an an Enterprise Social Network), they can see what others are working on for clients and think about the client issues that are being discussed.

It’s a great way to for staff to feel connected to the Vision and Values of the firm.

When you think about the key drivers of employee engagement, internal communication is at the core of many of them. Line of sight (knowing what the Vision of the organisation is and knowing that the leaders are implementing strategies to achieve the Vision), having all the information they need to carry out their day-to-day job, and knowing what is happening in the firm in general, are all achieved through best practice internal communication.

Engaging with the firm and its purpose is the first step towards delivering the level of service that strengthens the brand. Branding happens from the inside out and enabling staff to make decisions, collaborate and come up with better solutions, and be better informed, enables them to deliver the best possible service to clients.

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